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Tips To Achieve Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions


1. Consistency is the key to success: To successfully accomplish your goal, you must consistently pursue it. And never is this more true than when it comes to transforming your body. Stay consistent, not just the first two weeks in the new year but throughout the year.

2. Time: Most people want to lose 50lbs by next month. If that’s you, then be prepared for a rude awakening. It is optimal to lose 1 to 5lbs of body fat per week; thus, it technically could take you almost 6 months to one year to lose 50lbs of fat! Exactly the same goes for building strength and muscle. Work hard, trust the process and you will reach your goal!


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3. Patience: Too many people rush fat loss or gaining muscle. They yearn for that “magic pill” that will undo all the unhealthy things they have done. Patience is what separates the winners from the pretenders. The people who get things accomplished from those who never do.

4. Succes and Failure: Until you learn how to embrace the bad days (e.g. when you can still get yourself out there and exercise even on the days you don’t feel like it), you cannot achieve success. Remember this: nobody wants to experience failure but it will come anyway. So you might as well embrace it in order to eventually experience success. If you had a bad day, get some good rest; recover and get back on track the next day. NEVER GIVE UP!

It’s a new year, but is this the year you finally stick to and achieve your goals?

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