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How To Enjoy Christmas Without Destroying Your Progress


1. Walk it off: Walking off your food will not only burn some of the calories you just put away, and will help ease a little of the guilt you know you’ll feel after eating so much. Try to encourage some of your family members to join you on your walk.

2. Bring a small plate with you: Studies show that people using smaller plates eat less than those who eat from larger plates. So instead of eating from those jumbo plates, bring a smaller plate to eat from.

3. Limit yourself to one plate: You plan on sampling anything and everything come Christmas Day. That’s fine. Just limit it yourself to one plate.


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4. Chew your food slowly: Research shows that chewing your food slowly will help you eat less. The reason for that is it allows your brain time to signal fullness. Also, when you eat slower, it allows you to savor the food more, making your Christmas dinner a lot more enjoyable.

5. Stop eating when you’re full: This rule is self-explanatory. But in case you don’t get it, let me break it down for you. Stop eating when you are full. Don’t wait until your stomach busts through your belt buckle. You will regret it.

6. Volunteer to clean up: Cleaning up will help you burn some calories, so clear the table, wash some dishes, anything other than just laying around bloated holding your Homer Simpson belly.

7. Just go workout: No ifs, No buts! Just get back on track the next day and don’t look back.


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